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Monster Rage Event!!!

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Event details

Monster Rage Event!!!!

Does your party have what it takes to take down these summoned MVPs?? Register now!! 


Event Mechanics

Defeat all the summoned MVP Monsters in the area together with your party members with this Monster Rage Event!

1. Organize a party with 5 members( NO SAME JOB ). Exercise your teamwork. Party Name should be 3 letters only. e.g NXT.
3. Once you die you can't go back to the arena
4. Guild OFF

Level 1 MVP 

1. Ghostring
2. GTB
3. Maya
4. Moonlight
5. Atros

Level 2 MVP

1. Amon Ra
2. Tao Gunka
3. Thanatos
4. TG
5. Inca

Level 3 MVP

1. *****
2. *****
3. *****
4. *****
5. *****

Final MVP

1. *****
2. *****
3. *****
4. *****

Party Registration is up until Sept 26, 2021 12 Noon PH Time . Event will start at 1PM. 
Prize : 

The Party with the most party members alive wins 5 TCGS + 5 Event Token

Credits to Zizzley for the banner 

Download Link: https://bit.ly/3hdAt4R

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