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  1. Astraea


    cant for Left Click try to use /q1 = f9 = Rclick /q2 = f8 = roll up /q2 = f7 = roll down correct me if im wrong about roll up and down keys Thanks
  2. Astraea

    Item Trace

  3. Astraea

    Character deletion.. pls help.

    is it Done?
  4. Astraea

    Forgoten account

    is it Done?
  5. Astraea

    can u help me

    what wrong about Tidung? https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Tidung&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search An armor made with animal leather used by the Jaty tribe during battle.MDEF + 10. Decreases damage from all monsters by 5%.Add a 15% resistance to the Stun and Freeze status. Note: Server Item Effects are Renewal Base but some are costom and some item description at in-game view are pre-renewal base, but not match on its effects
  6. Astraea

    can u help me

    Jitter Bug Card is working sir 1 bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Neutral,5; bonus bMaxHP,500; 2 if(isequippedcnt(27109)==2){bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Neutral,-5;}; 3 if(isequippedcnt(27109)==3){bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Neutral,-10;}; 4 if(isequippedcnt(27109)==4){bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Neutral,-15;};
  7. Astraea


    There is no missing item its unknown right now. please wait to fix all ID's of Items Our Dev our doing his best to fix it immediately Note: Naming the missing items or Unknown will help to the team to fix it immediately Thanks
  8. Astraea

    Donation item with no sprite lol?

    wait let me fix the Guest 1st
  9. Astraea

    Donation item with no sprite lol?

    its sounds like an old man.
  10. Astraea

    Donation item with no sprite lol?

    Selling 2pcs Eric Picture 8 years Gap, before and present
  11. Astraea

    Tagalog Flame Thread

    1. You can trashtalk anyone except from the GM team. If the GM trashtalks you, you can file a complaint about his/her attitude towards work. 2. Restriction for deletion of message will be post later. Thanks!!
  12. Added new NPC Npc Name: Kahoable Headgear here Location: Prontera 145, 165 All kahoable NPC are now avalable in Kahoable Headgear Here Note: Let me know if i forgot some Kahoable headgear, Thanks!!