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  1. Developer2

    GUIDE] Mining

    If you are bored and dont know where to farm, This might be a good area. Talk to the NPC in Prontera 180 209, and Purchase pickaxes from him, if you can you can farm pickaxes too, but I would rather not. XD Mining Ores give you Mining Experience. The Higher your mining level is, the better it drops. Time to smack some ores. you need to be that close to the Ore in order to mine it. also, if the ore is mined already, you need to wait for few minutes to mine it again. You can get random items here 😄 have fun.
  2. This is a great source of TCG (Ingame Currency) Talk to Reputation NPC located in Prontera 159 183 You need 300m in order to select a reputation, Virtue or Vice. If you Selected Virtue, your Quest Boards are located in prontera 157 225 and If you selected Vice, your Quest Boards are located in geffen 70 70 But take note, Having Reputation points is a huge responsibility. If you are holding Virtue Points and got Killed by a Vice player, the Killer gets a point from you. if your points get exhausted to 0, you need to purchase Reputation again from the Reputation NPC
  3. Developer2

    GUIDE] Daily Quest

    This is one of the best source of Event Coins in the game. you may also get event coins from automated events and GM events. talk to the npc In Prontera 161 236 Ask NPC what quest will I get today, What I got is 25 Amethyst Make sure to be quick on submitting your Daily quest as It will be a daily quest for the whole server, the requirements will change once it has been fulfilled.
  4. Developer2

    GUIDE] Bloody Branch Quest

    Best Item in game EVER! to Start: Talk to the NPC in upper mid prontera. (prontera 156 244) You need 8,000,000 Zenny (8m) and 10 Activity Points to proceed with the quest. Talk to the NPC again until he directs you to go to lighthalzen dungeon level 3 to find his poring pet. you must Kill the poring pet in lhz_dun03 in order to complete the quest. Once you Kill the poring, you will get your Bloody Branch but!!! note: you will need to wait for 1 hour again to summon the poring if it is killed by other players.
  5. Developer2

    GUIDE] Nesting (Instance

    Instance Location: prontera 161 174 Requirements: Must be in Party, 6 Activity Token and Level 255 This is a great way to Earn Honor Points that you could exchange for HD Elunium, HD Oridecon, Custom Skills Level 4 and Many More in the Future. First: Enter the Instance thru the NPC Once inside, Kill 10 Kobolds of any type. After Killing 10 Kobolds MVP will Spawn After Killing MVP you will gain Note: You must be in Party, and your Party member is Online to get the rewards.