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  1. Luna

    drooping cat dye to fix.

    @surai, color dye for Drooping Cat and other HGs are now available at go 0.
  2. Luna

    Protect the Priestess

    Congratulations Egul Team and kuddos to HLWS and DIVS!
  3. Luna

    Protect the Priestess

    Dear @Taogun Ka, @Erickson, and @Boom213, A pleasant day! Thank you for your registration. Since we only have 3 parties for this event, we will be having a double elimination type of match which means every party will have a chance to play a match with each other. Bracketing will be announced via Stream during the day of the Event using a tournament generator. For advance reference, this will be your position by match: Team A - Egul Team B - HLWS Team C - DIVS For any concern and/or inquiry, you may dm me here or ingame. Lovelotsxx GM-Luna
  4. Luna

    Result on WoE Schedule Poll

    Hello Elves, Due to numerous objections from our active players despite the poll/survey results on suggested new WoE Schedule, Weekdays WoE Schedule will be retained. That is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9:00PM. Furthermore, we will check on the Poll NPC regarding the multiple accounts being able to vote for transparancy and accuracy of the polls. Thank you for your contineous support. Lovelotsxx, GM-Luna
  5. Luna

    Protect the Priestess

    Hello @RUderick PAULate! Just watch the live stream on that same day and comment !notify your ign to be includer in the roulette ☺️
  6. Luna

    drooping cat dye to fix.

    Hi @surai, We will look into this. Thank you.
  7. Luna

    Protect the Priestess

    Registration format: PT Name (4letters only Cloth Color Party Members ex. PT Name: GMTM Cloth Color: 366 Party Members: Luna ( Priestess) Love Raffles Hijod Puppy
  8. Luna

    Protect the Priestess

    Protect the Priestess Sunday, March 27, 2022 1PM Mechanics 5v5 (Priest is included). Minimum of 3 members to join and to start the match. Priest must be a female character and should not proceed to transcendence job (High Priest) Other party members can be transcendence job Only 1 Paladin allowed per party Same cloth color Berry and item drop is allowed. Creator with berries in cart is also allowed The Priestess should be protected at all times The Priestess is not allowed to hide/cloak The first party to kill the other party's Priestess wins Best of 3 10 minutes per match In case both parties' Priestesses are still alive after the 10-minute match, we will count the total number of alive party members. If both parties have the same total number of alive party members, we will count the total number of berries left of each party's PRIESTESS. Deadline of registration: 11:59PM of March 23, 2022 Minimum of 2 registered parties for the event to continue No dual registration. We will check each account registered. Grand Prize: 5 Thanatos Sword Costume (no stats) 5 VIP Passes 100 TCGs 50 event tokens Runner up: 100 TCGs 50 event tokens Consolation: 20 event tokens Live Stream Raffle Draw: 1 noble hat kaho 3 vip passes Tcgs Event tokens
  9. Luna

    Updates 2.21.2022

    Hello Elves, Here are the following updates made: Disabled OCG during TCE/STCE Kindly patch client for Gepard updates to take effect. Lovelotsxx,  GM-Luna
  10. Luna

    'Til Death Do Us Part

    Hello Elves! V-Day is here!! Not everyone has a date today but don't you worry, we got you covered! Join us later for a Special 2v2 Valentine's Day Event - 'Til Death Do Us Part. Mechanics: - [ ] 2v2 event - [ ] Characters should be couples ( female and male characters) regardless if you're both females or both males in real life 😉 - [ ] No paladin allowed - [ ] No OCG allowed - [ ] Same cloth color for both players - [ ] Party name should be 4 letters only. Ex. LOVE - [ ] The first party to have 1 player to die, loses - [ ] Match will be 10minutes maximum. In case both parties still have 2 players after the 10-minute mark, commutative berry count for both parties shall be applied - [ ] Race to 3 - [ ] Event will be on February 14,2022 after Monday WoE - [ ] Registration will be after Monday WoE at Jawaii (@go 17) - [ ] Winners will receive 1 IcePick, 1 VIP Pass, and 1 C. Love Fall each! Raffle Draw and Shower Event will also follow. See you later! It's a date 💕
  11. Luna

    [20220118] Ongoing Updates on Client side

    Hi @Taogun Ka, Good day! As per our Dev, gepard is currently updating their client. We will advice once done. Thank you so much for your patience.
  12. This thread is now locked. No further registration/updates will be considered. Best of luck!
  13. Hi @Priority, it's already indicated in the post. Thank you
  14. Luna


    Thank you Kuya. Yes Kuya. Thank God we're safe and healthy.
  15. Luna


    Hi Kuya! Hehe Yes, we are. We just got back. I was inactive for more than 3 weeks due to the calamity that has stricken most areas in Visayas including Cebu.