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  1. Hi @Taogun Ka, Good day! As per our Dev, gepard is currently updating their client. We will advice once done. Thank you so much for your patience.
  2. Dear Elves, How’s everyone doing? I believe most of you have read, heard, and/or watched the news about the devastation that Super Typhoon Odette has caused in the areas in Visayas which caused power, communication, and water outage and even caused homes and lives. We in Cebu are one of the areas in Visayas that was affected by this Calamity. Luckily, we only experienced power and communication outage in our area and I and my sister are both safe and healthy. Due to this tragedy, I was not able to fulfil my part in the server. I’m not updated of what’s happening with the server and some updates and events are pending or postponed. I apologize if I was not active at that time. We just recently got our power back but our internet lines are still not working as of the moment. But, I will try to log in using my mobile hotspot to check all concerns in forums and ingame. I will do my best to be updated with the server and adhere to all your concerns. I will constantly update you of our plans and commitment thru forums. First thing’s first, GvG will resume on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at exactly 1PM. Existing mechanics applies. Kindly read the forums thread for GvG for its updates. Thank you everyone for understanding. Lovelotsxx, Luna
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  4. Luna

    Just For Fun!

    First event <3
  5. Hello Elves, Here are the following updates made: Added Golden Bapho Kaho Sprite Fixed Blank Eyes + Hairstyle Bug Fixed Devotion + Final Strike Bug Lovelotsxx,  GM-Luna
  6. Hi @Cheng, thank you for this. We will check on this. Do you happen to have the IGN of that specific player? Thank you.
  7. Hello. What error po? can you specify please.
  8. Hello Elves, Here are the following updates made: Added damage cap in Final Strike Skill to 200k Added Hex Custom Skill Added Peco Race Temporarily Disabled MonsterRaid2 Lovelotsxx,  GM-Luna
  9. Hi @Cheng, thank you so much for this. We did so much that day that we forgot about this. Edited post. Thank you.
  10. Hello Elves, Here are the following updates made: Prontera Christmas Theme activated Added Christmas Season Quest NPC Added Christmas Carol Quest Added Tier 3 Kaho Quest - Hat of the Sun God Kaho Added Christmas Mobs Added @autostore -Items set can now be autostore Added damage cap in Final Strike Skill to 200k Added Berry Ticket to Etoken Trader Removed bound on Eggshell Kaho Increased SPP effect to 200% Lovelotsxx,  GM-Luna
  11. Luna

    ElvesRO Reborn 2nd Monthsary!!!!

    Happy 2nd Monthsary, Elves! :)
  12. Hello Elves, Here are the following updates made: Fixed Monster Raid Event Bugs Added Description on Pamela NPC (add 1,000 HP on every level upgrade) Added Mr. Smile NPC Disabled Drop on Ice Pick Disabled Static Swap and Abracadabra skill in Prontera Map Starting November 13, 2021 (Saturday), STCE Castles are changed from Cyr (Saturday STCE) to Horn and Mardol (Sunday STCE) to Hijod Lovelotsxx,  GM-Luna
  13. Luna

    Mini 3v3 Party Event

    Mini 3v3 Party Event November 7, 2021
  14. Hi @Taogun Ka, we will advice the Balancing Team to check on the skills you have mentioned. Also, the Bamboo issue has already been fixed. It was just a few days ago that it was reported to me. We don't know what exactly happened and we apologize for this. This has already been taken care of. Thank you.
  15. Hi @yeah123456, We apologize for this. We don't know what exactly happened and we already received reports about this but it's already fixed. Bamboo castle is currently help by the GM Team and is open on its schedule together with Payon Castles.