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  1. Dynasty Warrior

    Updates 9.13.2021

    I agree on this, all the hard work, donation, grinding on the renewal server wasted, are there plans on updating/fixing the renewal server? or this is how the team fix a problem. Just make another server.
  2. Dynasty Warrior

    Updates 9.13.2021

    Monster Counting at @go3 is a joke, players just use macro to spam all the numbers, please fix. maybe let the players choose a number by clicking the npc.
  3. Dynasty Warrior

    We heard you!!!

    do we need to register on continuing players and download the link? thanks
  4. Dynasty Warrior

    Cluckers Nerf

    Hello, Before Migration the Cluckers Event was fun at the center Prontera and easy to win, Many would flock to join. Now, Cluckers event is time consuming and annoying at times how long it will take to get to win, most of the time event GMs start with it and its a bummer, In my opinion bring back the old cluckers, Just lower the prize from 15 tcg to 5 tcg if its to much give. Just a suggestion Thanks,