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  1. surai


    salamat sa pag balik namis ko po character ko. :D
  2. surai

    HR to trans

    up? hhehee
  3. surai

    MH event?

    000.1 drop chance maybe
  4. surai

    HR to trans

    up? any plan B-Z?
  5. surai

    HR to trans

    +1 pero kung bibigay item wag. sasabog. ok na yung per pick = pcs??tcg ganyan or credit
  6. im upgrading my lord kaho horn. broken on +6 help. ign:Zurai <3
  7. +1 remove all costumes specially with stones/stats/ max refine +10.
  8. up highrate server. now same ghost town. guys and plan b? plan c? plan d?
  9. hello i would like to suggest that if you guys goin to update and keep doin a goodwork to this new server. please include also the previews server that you have. yes i mean the highrate. Some of us playing and still playing on highrate server and some are playing both servers. thank you po more powers!
  10. since there is no NEWBIE and still THERE is NO NEW PLAYER same same like highrate 4thjob. let us convert our item/points or do something like plan B,C,D e and so on and so pork.