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  1. Already distributed the Grand Prize and 2nd place prizes. Kindly get the 3rd placer and 4th placer prizes from GM-@Cindy. Thanks to everyone for participating in the Father's day event. Have a wonderful day :D
  2. Revised: 6. HACKS/3RD PARTY PROGRAMS 6.1) Use of speed/spam programs - 1st offense: 7 DAYS BAN 2nd offense: 14 DAYS BAN 3rd offense: 2 Months BAN 4th offense: Permanent banned/IP banned
  3. Alpha

    missing lof 1234

    Will send you a message. Let me know if you get the books thanks
  4. Costume Ghostring Tall Hat = ID# 31123 Costume Piamette Hood = ID# 19883 Thank you @GamingMagic
  5. Alpha

    [2020-11-20] Elves new woe schedule

    Thanks @Hidan
  6. Your username is: r*ypu5"5 your email is: tarupam123@gmail.com also pm sent
  7. Alpha

    [2020-04-25] Reinstating GM-Events

    Hello Elves, @GamingMagic and I decided to reinstate GM-Supan and GM-HidanX. We appreciate their contribution to the server and we firmly believe that they will put effort to serve the elves community with a better experience like never before. Please support them for the upcoming Guild of the Month (GOTM) for the month of May 2021. Let's give them a warm welcome with a smile. Thank you everyone.
  8. Alpha

    SC skill bug again need LoF12345.

    Case solved.
  9. Alpha

    GM request for account recovery

    This thread is locked. The problem has been solved.
  10. Alpha

    GM request for account recovery

    You can use this link ::: Elves Ragnarok Online - Reset Password ::: (elvesro.com) then put your username and your email to reset your password. Thank you
  11. Alpha

    GM request for account recovery

    This is your email address under the username: boonoi thereal*ewit*y*u@yahoo.com
  12. Alpha


    Problem solved.
  13. Alpha


    Update: Already distributed the prizes to the following guild leaders. Grand Prize 20pcs Pigeon Birds + 20 Guild token was given to the leader of Civilians IGN: BITCH 2nd Place 20pcs Dark Baphomet horn was given to the leader of Supreme Team IGN: Supreme baSura Consolation: 5pcs Guild token + 20pcs Ice pick was given to the leader of Orphans IGN: Jonel and to the leader of Civitas IGN: Wilmar Thanks to everyone for participating in the Proelium event. We appreciate all your effort and hardship for this event. Cheers everyone :)
  14. Alpha


    I will provide it to you. pm me
  15. Alpha

    Winter League : Job vs Job Event

    Hello good citizens of ElvesRO I have given some of the prizes to the winners of the Winter League Job vs Job event. For those players who have not yet received their prize kindly please contact GM-Wreck0gnize or GM-Effin to get your prize. Thanks to all who participated in this event. We appreciate each one of you. Also please make sure to repatch or click refresh on your ElvesRO client to get the latest patch. Thank you Warlock Class Shadow Archon - 1st place - Done Supremes - 2nd place - Done No third place Ranger Class Eupheme - 1st Place R A N G E - 2nd Place Malikhain - 3rd place Sorcerer Class Lutie - 1st Place - Done D3ATH - 2nd Place - Done Jhazhiel - 3rd Place Genetic Class Aldebaran - 1st Place - Done Iska - 2nd Place -Inside- - 3rd Place Sura Class Solved - 1st Place - Done YelIow FIash - 2nd Place Stimulate - 3rd Place - Done