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  1. Ramen

    Tagalog Flame Thread

    Killer Guild vs Support Guild with 2 Killer
  2. Ramen

    Tagalog Flame Thread

    yun malakas lang ngumawa sa forums pero d makapalag?
  3. Ramen

    Tagalog Flame Thread

    kylangan po ata nila ng autopots para di sila nabibigla sa ranger natin. hays, sana ibalik para tumagal naman sila. masarap sa pakiramdam yun feeling ng may kalaban kang tumatagal sa clash... dba @Roan
  4. Ramen

    Tagalog Flame Thread

    @Roan @D3ATH @maccoy @GamingMagic ano po yun premium? VIP po ba yun
  5. Ramen

    Tagalog Flame Thread

    Baka Strong
  6. Ramen

    [20210426] NEWS & UPDATES

    @autopot hp 607 50 @autopot sp 607 20
  7. Ramen

    Lower Costume Enchanter

    Hello @GamingMagic, can you assist to add the other lower costume that should be enchantable. Large Ribbon Blue Bubble Aura and other missing costume Thanks,
  8. Ramen


    why are we doing some restriction on jobs and skills? it should the opponent's support to disable the one how draining their SP. also why 12 only? guild have 20 cap members. it should be maximize. that is why we have supports jobs. thanks,
  9. Ramen

    Wickebine's Black Cat Ears Kaho

    also I already able kaho the wickebine[1] the one I purchased on mvp voucher npc
  10. Ramen

    Wickebine's Black Cat Ears Kaho

    tried. nothing happened. i got 19 mvp voucher on my inventory
  11. Ramen

    Wickebine's Black Cat Ears Kaho

    Hello @GamingMagic Kindly check this Wickebine's Black Cat Ears[0] unable to kaho in npc take point that this is the headgear provided after the disable from the other account. Thanks....