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VanRO Kaho List

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• Custom Kahos have no additional bonuses aside from the Lord Kaho Horns effects •

• They are primarily for aesthetic purposes only •



Location: Veins (217, 182)
Requirements: Headgear + 20 MVP Voucher + 50 TCGs

  • image.png.cb8c2424ba1330d84d418bee46165e6a.png Musketeer Kaho
  • image.png.daa26ad1d97a0bf029a3ad05e4baf116.png Wanderer Sakkat Kaho
  • image.png.fa4b250892256f09e60a9e38e67a7b3d.png Red Wing Kaho
  • image.png.73a8abcdbea39493aa757a41a2387ffa.png Copper Dragon Kaho
  • image.png.19714f700f77a920846108853be25e1b.png Rage of Luster Kaho
  • image.png.278d3dae4e56fbfaebd4141775a935dc.png Hat of the Sun God Kaho
  • image.png.0aa07d75f3f6aebb32653d0169b1ef2b.png Minstrel Song Kaho
  • image.png.8f71a109b1df5ccc74dc32a625db9c9e.png Driver Band Kaho (M)
  • image.png.86460182f2ef39ef8faa6cc485cc7500.png Driver Band Kaho (F)
  • image.png.a02d0d46cd109b0b352e8dcf69495b41.png Sniper Goggles Kaho
  • image.png.c964c0e423c3cec1329b08158c9dabfa.png Burning Spirit Kaho
  • image.png.ce295bc0f764922d0e7a00665eabc0c6.png Aquarius Crown Kaho
  • image.png.4a1f2e4367c47e1ddc2f213cf4884dd9.png Aquarius Diadem Kaho
  • image.png.c8507d7e2821c12ea442a6a30a14c7de.png Pisces Crown Kaho
  • image.png.13b087e94d7a579a487b86ec9a7c9609.png Pisces Diadem Kaho
  • image.png.5f9d916cf66a3feb7651c0d4a0e99a97.png Aries Crown Kaho
  • image.png.f988368b7ee1bd269a6c77f0ada9b118.png Aries Diadem Kaho
  • oswERD.gif Taurus Crown Kaho
  • DnoAHu.gif Taurus Diadem Kaho
  • zUSpTw.gif Zealotus Kaho
  • rRIeiL.gif Racing Cap (NOT AVAILABLE)



Location: Einbroch (141, 324)
Requirements: Headgear + 20 MVP Voucher + 50 TCGs

  • image.png.2d88d1b8537cb284bc8c446ca286fb61.png Dragon Helm Silver Kaho
  • image.png.15db2ee66af10c7656a96a96371e8f70.png Scooter Kaho
  • image.png.60191ee20f5e9bc5019035999e6532e3.png Fancy Phantom Mask Kaho
  • image.png.e06dd2a605ba4929ff2708059bd11a40.png Asara Fairy Kaho
  • image.png.0f1a53fac5255e28f412af50794bbf90.png Benevolent Guardian Kaho
  • image.png.6e9811a6902141ecad26d90174fc61a0.png Orc Hero Headdress Kaho
  • image.png.20127951c8989fb2ac40b32dc6aecb53.png Magic Stone Kaho
  • image.png.0a3ad3346c68338e31778d0f3f678f66.png Resting Swan Kaho
  • image.png.b7af4a6510938178a64b19b717f8a590.png Rune Circlet Kaho
  • image.png.11b9fc6aecd9acff98c7cc392ea2c54c.png Whisper Wind Kaho
  • QEcSa2.gif Gemini Crown
  • b3nzqC.gif Gemini Diadem
  • image.png.bb1e1b4b293476c4b7e18bab61f8eaab.png Cancer Crown
  • image.png.300e3cc3e4321fce450dd580094a1f3d.png Cancer Diadem
  • image.png.bbfbeb88b73ebd1c73916b66f54d4be0.png Leo Crown
  • image.png.1922c9f670a8c3e14c4ab5dc9f391f86.png Leo Diadem
  • image.png.a7dc1a0393ebec566d2b9e748dc74c34.png Virgo Crown
  • image.png.503845d92b03d75b7cac5df5d7cfeb02.png Virgo Diadem
  • KYSRo8.gif Helm of Darkness



Location: Al De Baran (65, 78)
Requirements: Headgear + 20 MVP Voucher + 50 TCGs

  • Dic0aD.gif RWC 2008 Gold Dragon Helm Kaho
  • image.png.16ebbd979be87a0d94ff120509689e43.png Desert Prince Kaho
  • image.png.63705c228d2fad2cff088120419eeeba.png Holy Marcher Kaho
  • 7rYWcP.gif Wikebine's Black Cat Ears
  • image.png.12347e09277cc145bc6551c8768e5124.png Crown of Deceit Kaho
  • zqCFww.gif Grand Peco Kaho
  • image.png.cc9c5eff734b0570c3c31e53026abbfd.png Midas Whisper Kaho
  • image.png.88f45f7b18c623c12e0c9c783d19a506.png Mitra Kaho
  • image.png.4e0126d0c7b9dd2d6eb84e49a6f6aa37.png Reissue Schmitz Helm Kaho
  • image.png.9bba4f21e2468fceaeba9bc4ca03dc14.png Shadow Crown Kaho
  • image.png.eb0e866c7bebcaa0b218469949ef6093.png Libra Crown
  • image.png.4dd20b380335d79e8470fdc4e75e8953.png Libra Diadem
  • image.png.28f65fc13d5df2622b6f8f75226f8e84.png Scorpio Crown
  • image.png.929885c756f45af51cf5135ed3378442.png Scorpio Diadem
  • image.png.4da29489f9596f7e0b76e6d8ab269257.png Sagittarius Crown
  • image.png.d80f441b16c0f8c8294c452157f504e0.png Sagittarius Diadem
  • image.png.49fc96cdbd983abf48488d9a43835de2.png Capricorn Crown
  • image.png.47e8ac4ba55f8082eedcb90fe7b404f7.png Capricorn Diadem
  • image.png.aee871b4d71967cece8f142cd637d1cc.png Lord of Dead Kaho



Location: Izlude (139,126)
Requirements: Headgear + 20 MVP Voucher + 50 TCGs

  • XKvasG.gif Valkyrie Circlet Kaho
  • QsGgXE.gif Dancing Poring Band Kaho
  • 19liHs.gif Husky Kaho
  • t6EYO2.gif Devil Bone Helm Kaho
  • LSW06T.gif Peacock Kaho
  • image.png.7a66104d5e3d213c36e46209f57543b6.png Pirate's Pride Kaho
  • image.png.485285b0783e823964f171ffeb5c7348.png Rose Casquette Kaho
  • ZQk2im.gif Criatura Kaho
  • rXWHFD.gif Clinging Panda Kaho
  • HL0AYM.gif Hattah Black Kaho
  • 5QyXFB.png UFO Poring Kaho
  • qqm3VN.gif Boss Kaho
  • oB9Khd.gif Permeter Kaho
  • image.png.3bf3a34f0c42110c249ee5b1ce0a3dae.png Evil Marcher Kaho
  • sQEGLK.gif Tiraya Kaho
  • image.png.f16b41945eec36668b32b5247334412b.png Kaho of Girl
  • BrpxbT.gif Helm of Dragon Kaho
  • 2r4mIu.gif Panda Kaho
  • image.png.92052f2b47ceec7aac23c68ef75de155.png White School Kaho
  • qx7hF3.gif Large Baphomet Horns Kaho
  • image.png.0b442c4894d1a6a9e9e779f8324db1ca.png Black Feather Kaho
  • zb4INJ.gif Aegir Kaho
  • oWg401.gif Duneyrr Kaho
  • XaEhWB.gif Rose Hairband Kaho
  • Silent Executioner Kaho
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On 2/15/2023 at 9:51 AM, stanley T. said:

where to find this npc on the map. is there any screenshots?


Here's the screenshot. It's located lower left of Aldebaran.


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