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All Weapon Spear

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In the Elves Ragnarok Online game, a significant alteration has been implemented whereby all previously designated two-handed spears have undergone a transformation, now assuming the form of one-handed spears. This modification reflects a strategic shift in weapon dynamics within the game, potentially influencing the gameplay experience for characters utilizing such weaponry.





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    • Castle Drops From 70k to 1k The drop rate of items will return to 100% when there are two or more guild owners in the castle Status Resistance Status Resistance is now 100% Block by Card Property Global Cast Delay 110ms to 120ms Updates on Attendance replace Kaho Spore Hat to Kaho Laurel Items Remove Krieger Equipment Fix Spear 2handed to 1handed Monster The likelihood of Valkyrie items dropping with higher stats has been increased. Previously, these items had stats ranging from 1 to 5, but after the update, they will have stats ranging from 4 to 5. For example, Valkyrie Armor previously dropped with random strength from 1 to 5, but now it will drop with random strength from 4 to 5. - raffles NPC Updates Poring Shop- Fixes on Error unreadable ID Number - raffles Boitata Compensation and Others @solopack is now unlimited command Disable Hook and swap in KOE Skill Updates Double Strafe from 1200 to 1250 Soul Destroyer from 55 to 50
    • The following items will be removed in the next update. You have one week to claim them before they are permanently deleted:

      Race Token - Reward Assassin Robe
      Assaulter Plate
      Elite Archer Armor
      Elite Engineer Armor
      Elite Shooter
      Medic's Robe
      Warlock's Battle Robe
      Brave Plate
      Brave Magic Coat
      Brave Judgement Shawl
      Brave Trade Mail
      Brave Hidden Cloth
      Brave Target Suit
      Captain's Manteau
      Commander's Manteau
      Sheriff's Elite Shooter
      Battle Boots
      Battle Greaves
      Combat Boots

      LKH - Reward
      Boitata Armor

      TCG - Reward
      Lunati Card
    • We are pleased to announce the latest updates and balance changes to the game. Please review the changes below: Global Delay Adjustment: We have reduced the global delay from 150 to 110 to improve gameplay fluidity. Boitata Armor Update: The Boitata Armor will be temporarily disabled. It will be replaced following any server maintenance or reformatting. Bowling Bash Cooldown Removal: We have removed the cooldown on Bowling Bash, allowing for more dynamic combat interactions. Sanctuary Cooldown Addition: To balance the gameplay, we have introduced a 400-second cooldown on the use of Sanctuary. Soul Destroyer Update: The After Cast Delay on Soul Destroyer has been removed. We are continuously monitoring this change and may adjust the damage output of Soul Destroyer as part of our ongoing balancing efforts. Extremity Fist: Damage Adjustment -58 to -55 Sharp Shooting: Damage Adjustment from 810 to 910 Double Strafe: Damage Adjustment from 900 to 1200 Acid Demonstration: Damage Adjustment from 50 to 60 Thank you for your understanding and continuous support. We are committed to providing an enjoyable and balanced gaming experience. Best regards, Holicat
    • Taekwon Increase Damage on Angel Monster by 100%
    • Added Costume on Database
      Added New Promo Donations
      Added more reward on Easter Egg Extremity Fist From -70 to -65 Added More Items on Dye Headgear Added Runic Staff on Rune Shop Added More Costume on Zeny Coin Quest Added More Costume on Event TOken Quest